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  3. We, the publisher, will not take the responsibility for advertisements. Each advertising company is responsible for the content (text, pictures, offer and legal notice) it shows in the magazine. Offers are only valid as long as the duration of the issue it is showed in is.
  4. We may show persons which do not wear a necessary level of protection in the game. This is only made for illustrative purpose. We strongly advise all readers to take care for their own safety and take an wear an adequate level of protecitve gear.
  5. In matter of fact, that we are an international magazine, we may show things which are restricted by law in your country. Please inform yourself about your law, before you want to buy such things.
  6. We try to inform our readers about actual law to prevent infringement. Please notice that we keep on German law. We can`t take responsibility for any misinterpretation.
  7. Presented arms and equipment is given by different shops and companys. Under some circumstances it may happen that, we accidentally photographed trademark violations in the magazine, because there are to many different producers and products on the market. If you are a brand owner, please report us such violations directly, so that we can protect it.
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The german version of this text is the version which is mandatory in front of law!